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Is innovation our fundamental right or impending responsibility?

Posted by evolvingwheel on January 16, 2007

500 SeriesHow critical is innovation? Is innovation the primary conduit to a better living, a social change, or a revolution? Within every mind kindles the spirit of adding some value to this world or for that sake to one’s own life. In some shape and form we always try to contribute towards a status quo change. There is definitely an inherent quality in every human being to go beyond their means. Depending on social and economic background, rearing, and the environment around us the energy may steer outward or stay dormant till the end. All successful individuals have somehow been able to rise above that watermark, that gravitational force and steer their dream towards tangibles that have redefined not only themselves but also the possibility of bringing change to the system.

One critical aspect of innovation is that any invention, modification, change, or formation is not limited to just serendipity. Its not that special event, the EUREKA or the light-bulb that has successfully evolved our lives towards a better direction. Its the soul behind that invention, the excitement from that turning point that has driven us. There has always been that dream! That dream to make the impossible happen. The dream to achieve the unachievable. However, all successful innovations regardless of social or technological have depended on the collective effort of implementing that change in the society. What value the invention of telephone would have brought if people were scared of its future implications and limited its use? What value an airplane would have added if we would have remained intimidated by the risk of flying? So the success of true innovation depends on the extension of the idea and its acceptance among the audience – which then brings the question that whether innovation is our fundamental right to improve our lives or our impending responsibility to raise the standard of living of the human race or both?

As our society grew more complicated over the ages, our governments and bureaucracy became hierarchical and puzzling, our greed exceeded the means, and our dependencies increased, we have observed a slowdown in true innovation and its implementation. Well, please feel free to refute me. I truly understand that there had been thousands of inventions over the last decade. Lifestyle changes supported by medical developments have significantly modified our standards of living. But, how much have we achieved in bringing such innovations to the doorsteps of every possible human reach? So much has been done and being done, but contrastingly so much more could have been done. I will bring couple of questions from the technological paradigm (considering my domain of interest).

How come we still drive cars that fundamentally run on the same basic physical principles invented 100 years back? How come we still have aircraft which are cylindrical and needs a long runway to take off? Why don’t we have cars with standard capability of parallel parking? Why don’t microwaves and washing machines come with remote operation (over distance via wireless) features commercially?

The technology is possibly there. The means are there. May be even the resource is there. But commercially too costly to bring to the average Joes? Too difficult to implement in volume while keeping the cost down and the margin high? Or is it the dependencies and the implications of bringing such revolutionary change in our lives which could negatively affect the social order? Is it monopoly, greed, or corporate control? However, I believe that the problem lies on the OTHER SIDE. May be its that side of the innovation that we call acceptance. How to make the change acceptable and agreeable. Its the age old conundrum with evolution. May be we are not always ready for such changes. Then the next critical thing is how to make ourselves ready. May be that will be that one big invention. Invention to a problem which is way more difficult than the technology itself.

I would like to focus in this blog about different innovative ideas in technology. We can discuss ways of enhancing the concept, look for better ways of implementing it, and find new options to make this world a better place to live.

Let the blogger’s contribution begin 🙂


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