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Will InPhase’s holographic storage fly?

Posted by evolvingwheel on January 18, 2007

Attention grabber: An IEEE Spectrum article on holographic storage published in Jan 2007 issue link to article. Will InPhase fly with its path-breaking technology of next generation data-storage? What are possible market segments and feasibility factors associated with the acceptance of the concept across the storage industry

As I read through the article, the numbers just looked awfully mouth watering. The 5.31 inch storage drive will be able to store 300 GB of data which will eventually scale above 1 TB. The data transfer rates could be in the range of 10s to 100s of Mbytes/second. Wow! That just opens the lockgates of storage capabilities. Now the immediate question arises if the technology will be accepted by the market in different levels both vertically and laterally. I am not yet aware of the performance during stress tests in different possible scenarios. May be the big guns from Bell Labs have run the concept through all possible technological constraints and limitations. I went to InPhase’s website and looked at their contribution to the already existing holographic imaging technology. They invented new multiplexing methods. It appears that with the advent of high density media storage and optical utilities (DVD players, Blue-Ray Discs, digital cameras) commercially over the last decade, the earlier bottlenecks should be gone. Now the question is how fast will their product penetrate the market? How long will this product take to wipe out the flash drive market?

Storage is the keyword nowadays. Media storage is competing with the conventional computing data storage market. iPODS, DVDs, DVR boxes are current. In the near horizon are the prospects of real time movie downloads from big banners to home media centers. If the company has a good marketing strategy supported by a program of fast implementation of the technology to mass consumer (individual shoppers) platform then the limits are boundless. The target blocks could be anywhere from rocket science (NASA, DOD) to average music lovers. It now depends on the management to focus on a solid delivery channel, continued funding, competitive marketing, continuous innovation, cheaper manufacturing cost and fast assembly line, and ergonomics of the device. I personally feel that if taken in the right direction, this product should cover a lot of distance.

Cons: Other market giants might follow through. However, the patented technology might trickle legal issues with other competitors who will try to come up with their versions of the recording medium and multiplexing? We have to observe how InPhase tackles these questions. Strategic partnership will be a key component.

Footnote: I was reading somewhere earlier that cable companies in upscale markets or big cities might create big data (media) hubs in front of the last mile to push HD VODs to individual home fast. Holographic media storage will then come real handy…….


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