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Is Zink Defining A New Era?

Posted by evolvingwheel on February 1, 2007

ZinkAre the dye crystals the new gateways to inkless printing or a paradigm change down the road?  When I read about Zink’s presentation at DEMO-07 (an influential technology show in Palm Desert, CA), my mind suddenly started flying. The first thing that came to my mind is the influence this implementation will have on our present day perceptions.

The concept of inkless printing has been made possible by taking the equation of ink cartridges out of the system. The onus shifts to the paper – special 3 dye crystal layers embedded in a printable paper. By varying heat pulses of different intensities (temperatures), colors emerge from the layers of the dye crystals. The entire process is controlled by a device roughly the size of a deck of cards. How portable! The only constraint is the specialized paper. Zink is trying to bring the price of the papers to a reasonable level. The whole concept is derived from a Polaroid. What makes this thing quite different is not the technology but its positioning in today’s market.

Innovation is not just creativity, but its commercialization and eventual acceptance in the market. If executed properly, Zink has the potential to deliver not only an innovative product but also a new realm of knowledge and understanding. This will not only touch the digitial camera printing domain but also industrial printing, security, and healthcare industry. The real innovation here is a restructuring of the process. [Click here for the news article]


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