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Cognitive Radio And Intelligent Algorithm

Posted by evolvingwheel on February 2, 2007

Currently wireless communication channels are fixed. The station transmits on a fixed spectrum and the receiving device tunes to the pre-programmed channel to communicate across. How about a intelligent device that can hop across different spectrum. The idea is noble. The device will be intelligent enough to jump across different bands and figure out which one is less bottle-necked and then communicate across that channel.

Current research in cognitive radios, cell phones, and other wireless instruments are focusing on artificially intelligent algorithms which will decide on the basis of usage. The algorithm will locate the bands its passing through, then figure the time of the day, look around other bands to see the density of information being carried across, and then decide which channel to hop into. But doing so will not only require a super sophisticated program to handle the processing but also the hardware enabling the processing in super speed. Cognitive radio can open up new research areas in artificial intelligence (it is already doing so).

One interesting point mentioned in the article is “In the not too distant future, cognitive radio technology will share the available spectrum optimally without instructions from a controlling network, which could eventually liberate the user from user contracts and fees.” – Now that will definitely produce jitter among the cellular carriers. And that would be a paradigm shift in wireless business! A new revenue model? A new outlook!

I see possibility.. and I see opportunity. Now how the cognitive radio gets commercialized, sponsored, and marketed, or even for that sake if it ever makes to the market within next 5 years will be worth following.

Scientific American: Cognitive Radio [ INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ]


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