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Lack of Innovation not always from lack of Invention

Posted by evolvingwheel on February 5, 2007

I-469 and NowhereI just came across an interesting article published in 2005. The author discusses a case study of broadband access and speed in the US. The discussion compares DSL and Cable Modem broadband accessibility and speed in US with those in other developed nations in the world. I am personally not taking any side. However, what interests me is the objective analysis of different elements in an industry that could hinder innovation – a true implementation of a new or an already proven technology.

Innovation is not always invention. As I said earlier, a true innovation is where the invention or a new service reaches the mass. A true commercialization that benefits the bigger community and the humankind. It is a common landscape where corporate monopoly, government bureaucracy, personal greed, and nepotism prevent the implementation of a path-breaking product or a service. Pharmaceutical industry, computer hardware/software industry, medical industry, and more are severely inflicted with these negative influences.

Wanted to share a perspective delineated by the FreePress. Read the article

Zinedine Zidane

Once you have finished reading the link above, read the following link. This is just what we would love to see. Innovation at much cheaper cost and in a location where broadband would have remained unheard of otherwise! Read Utopia.


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