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A New Era of Delivering Digital Media? Part – I

Posted by evolvingwheel on February 7, 2007

Is independent video making going to create a whole new genre of knowledge contributors? I guess YouTube and Google saw it coming. However, the trajectory has several orientations and directions. As claimed by the article, there are millions of video makers using cell phone camcorders to record stories and then posting it in blogs and other channels (MySpace). The discussion revolves around new video editing software. However, I feel this new method of posting and sharing digital video will not only open the doors for a slew of applications but will also re-define methods of channeling information. [Read the Article]

But where will this lead to? Who are going to benefit from this? How will the blogosphere change perceptions and develop a brand new content delivery model? Will it be independent media? Its already out there I guess. Several first-hand news items nowadays are first revealed in the blog world. Amateur online videos show sensational elements in war torn regions where conventional media would dare to venture out. May be that is the new definition of information sharing. Let me toss around few ideas of how this trajectory could evolve:

  1. Open Source Marketing: Companies could leverage the local blogs and videos (country, society, and ethnicity dependent) to generate unique but high-reach ideas for their product or service marketing campaign.
  2. Live Independent News Feed: Online and paper media can both gather content from independent sources across the world. Blog feeder cells can deliver live content from device (camcorder/phone) to platform (web) in no time.
  3. Global R&D Sharing Model: Researchers from universities and educational institutions can share knowledge across a network that could be leveraged for profit as well as non-profit goals.

Video content could rapidly alter the dynamics of any global event. Over the coming years, numerous applications will develop that will be able to identify news and video by surfing intelligently through the blogosphere. Currently, the search methods are limited to category tags. May be Google is already working on it. A method that reads content and matches with a specific search in a more cognitive way. I strongly believe that there is a whole new world evolving around digital content, the speed of delivery, and the medium of channeling that information.

P.S. A blog entry from DV Guru discussing about 10 different Online Video Sharing sites. Ten video sharing services compared.


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