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A New Facelift for Lithium Ion Batteries

Posted by evolvingwheel on February 20, 2007

Battery and portable power sources have been a special interest of mine for a while. However, my eyeballs have focused more on the adaptability of a new technology and the subsequent business developments around it – whether in the core industry or the supporting industry. The following article on a new type of lithium ion battery has drawn a considerable interest from both the core portable power industry as well as from the tools and consumer products side.

[Read Article] Chiang, a material science researcher from MIT has developed a new compound (lithium iron phosphate) that is capable of providing more than twice the power of conventional lithium ion batteries but with less than one fifth of the weight. Furthermore, the battery is claimed to withstand 10 times more recharging, The material also carries iron, which could be an inexpensive replacement for cobalt – a cheap value proposition. Now what could be the implications of this new product to the market?

  1. Existing battery companies (Duracell, etc.) adopt a similar version of the new technology and displace the new company eventually?
  2. A123 systems innovate the product, patent its different components, and partner with a large tool maker of heavy-duty product company to thwart any competitive overrun
  3. The tools market evolve. The tools industry new innovation to the products, which they couldn’t because of the power constraints.
  4. Hybrid auto industry implements the new batteries and thoroughly tests the feasibility of sustained power extraction, safety, recharge, and disposal.
  5. Digital consumer equipment manufacturers adpots the new technology and configures their product lines, designs, and ergonomics accordingly.

 There are tons of other stuff that could be done, thought of, and implemented.


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