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Bye Bye Landfills? – A YES from Joseph Longo

Posted by evolvingwheel on March 2, 2007

What could be a better option than getting rid of landfills in large cities, cutting down the costs of hauling garbage to remote areas, and making fuel out of garbage disposal? Joseph Longo of Startech at Bristol, Connecticut says ‘NONE’! Longo’s plasma converter voraciously engulfs garbage of different scales and volumes with an initial electric pulse comparable to one of a police stun gun. The plasma is generated by a 650 volt current passing between electrodes. The resulting plasma arc is so intense that it disintegrates everything in it to its constituent elements by ripping of the molecular bonds. Output – synthetic gas and marketable fuels.

While I was reading the popular science article, I got excited thinking about the implications of this technology. Each of these plasma furnaces cost nearly $250 million. However, Longo shows the statistics where cost savings from landfills, dumping, and processing along with the fuel generation as a back-feed will turn the system into a profit within 10 years. 

The case study shows something more than the technology and prospects of innovation. It shows how cost of operations, natural resources, and human habits and consciousness make a business proposition lucrative over time. 10-15 years back, hauling trash to a landfill didn’t appear to be a very costly affair. However, today things have changed. The same business possibility today sounds like a gem! When start-ups develop a product, they may consider a time-path evolution of the utilization of the product and its multitude of facets. If they can draw a curve that satisfies the changes by adapting with the natural conditions and market demands, then the burnout may not appear too corrosive and harsh. Today, Longo is talking with governments and businesses from Asia, Latin America, and Europe. A tremendous growth in population along with consumption makes his invention a must-win!

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Picture: Courtesy StarTech Environmental Corp.


4 Responses to “Bye Bye Landfills? – A YES from Joseph Longo”

  1. I think that using the Plasma Converter is a big step in getting us away from dependence on Foreing Oil. I thnk we need to go one step further and live in more energy efficient homes to also cut our energy consumption. Instead of building out of wood we should be using insulated concrete forms (ICF’S). The ICF industry is answering the growing need for energy efficient living. A home built with an ICF form will save you at least 50% in energy bills compared to a wood framed home with only 3-6% more cost involved. I would hope that as we look to using a renewable energy such as garbage (we are always creating it) that we as a society look towards saving energy as well by building smarter.

    Worldly thinker,

    Rick Clayton

  2. Dan Duncan said

    One thing I cannot understand is why this news is not on the front page of eveery newspaper in the country and in front of every legislative group in the world. Since I am not a technologist, perhaps there are some downsides that I have not seen but from what I have read so far, it’s a WIN-WIN situation on all fronts. The investments, while considerable, would seem to have a very good payback rather quickly. I would certainly consider investing in a project such as this.

  3. Bill Perry said

    Why don’t you send this to our govenor here in Michigan

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