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Interactive Telemedicine – What are the prospects?

Posted by evolvingwheel on March 23, 2007

Alejandro Fanjul Fernández, a student at a Spanish university, has designed a method to monitor medication and care for patients and elderly through conventional television. His system uses a digital card that works with a proprietary service capable of transmitting data and interactive controls between a medical service provider and a patient.

May be the idea doesn’t sound that revolutionary on the first pass. But if one digs a little deeper, one will find the positive influence this service could offer to the entire medical community. Think about this – you don’t have to carry a large system with you when you are traveling. As long as you are within the network, you just move around with a digital card that will tie you up with the system through any television set.

A speedy commercialization of this application will help to exploit the benefits sooner. Sometimes in US too many legislations and government red-tapes prevent a system to go live, and the inventor/implementer has to wait ages before the innovation flies commercially. Spanish market might not be that difficult. Again, the inventor is planning to tie up the service with wireless device and preferably cell phone. EU already has a solid wireless data network. This system appears ideal to be launched over miniature wireless devices. What do you think?

[Read the news]


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