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A bank, a commuity portal, an innovation financier – A new model?

Posted by evolvingwheel on April 12, 2007

While browsing through some news items in TIME magazine, came across this bank. Interesting post. The article talks about Peter Liu, who started this bank that invests money in green technologies and innovative business solutions. Based out of San Francisco, the institution is strategically located near the Silicon Valley. You may check out details in their website as well [www.newresourcebank.com].

There have been several investment engines that range from personal investments, PE, and other instruments heavily inclined towards green technologies nowadays. However, a retail shop living off green investments is something worth considering. That would be a more mainstream option for mass scale engagement. Means, any John Doe can walk up to the bank and invest his checking and savings account towards socially and environmentally conscious opportunities.

There are links on the same website that educates the customer about Green technologies, recycling, government policies, etc. It’s more like a community portal. Its not only a bank but also a forum to share knowledge and drive awareness towards better, greener investments. Is this going to be a trend in coming years? How about retail banks that engage communities towards investing in avenues that positively change our lives and the world as well?

[Link to the article]


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