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Portable fetal monitoring device for home use

Posted by evolvingwheel on April 27, 2007

Even few years back expected mothers wouldn’t have imagined a mobile phone size device that could be used at home to monitor the heartbeat and the position of the unborn child. When my wife went through her first pregnancy last year, I was a part of that daily anxiety when she couldn’t feel any kick for days. And I always wished that I could have such a device! Finally, scientists from the University of Nottingham have developed a portable and affordable instrument, which can detect the fetal heartbeat and the unborn’s position at any time of the day… and the best part is – you do not need to go to the hospital.

What motivates me are the implications that any invention and its entry to the market have on the overall business ecosystem around it – locally, remotely, over a short span of time, and eventually over a long haul. The article talks about a venture capital funded effort to commercialize the device. The instrument will be capable of preventing still births and other pregnancy related emergencies. Here are my 2 cents on it:

1.      The device will enhance preventive care, which means that the insurance companies would love it. Less often will expecting mothers get panicked and end up in the ER in the middle of the night.

2.      The device is currently going through clinical trials for safety and electronic intervention, and has a wireless capability. The commercialization can trigger software development to visualize different diagnostic data right in one’s nearby desktop computers – however, this development is low-key and less impactful.

3.      The technology registers very low voltages, and may be the group can patent the technology, which could definitely be used in multiple signature recognition related devices in medical industry?4.      Easily accessible device accessibility should be considered for coverage by insurance companies. So the price tag on the device should be affordable.

Here’s a link to the [article]


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