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Is PLANKTOS showing a new road to environmentally concious investments?

Posted by evolvingwheel on June 30, 2007

When I bumped into the PLANKTOS website yesterday, it was a different kind of experience. The read struck a special chord because of my background in environmental physics. With the recent hoopla in environment restoration, CO2 reduction, and green investments, PLANKTOS’s mission and business model seem very innovative.

The San Francisco based for-profit ecorestoration company operates both at sea and on land. At sea, they spray iron dust to regenerate depleted plankton population. Planktons absorb atmospheric CO2 and store them in their tissues. The process of carbon sequestration settles these thousands of tones of carbon dioxide at the bottom of the sea. The business makes profits from ventures sponsored by international governments, eco-agencies, and private manufacturing companies who want to by environmental credits by cleaning up their mess. Emperor penguin

These kinds of businesses benefit from the breadth and depth of environmental consciousness across the world. More people are informed about the negative outcomes of carbon based pollutants, the more they will try to make conscious decisions about economic and social activities that harm the environment. This model will be more profitable with time as we develop a consensus about the gravity of the eco-danger arising from emission. Other business areas for ecorestoration may involve innovative cheap technologies that curtail pollutions in business districts and manufacturing areas. They could range from portable emission detectors for preventive measures to aerosol and particle inhibitors installed around vent and discharge ducts. GREEN CITY types of ventures will proliferate too.



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