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Innovation at Boeing – Dreamliner

Posted by evolvingwheel on July 3, 2007

This can be counted as a continuation of my earlier article on plastic composites for airliners posted on May 18. I just read an article in MSNBC (posted today) about the innovative ways Boeing has employed to rollout its long-awaited 787 Dreamliner. The article briefly touches upon the strategic thinking behind opting out of big fat air cruisers like that of the Airbus Corporation. What grabs my attention is the multi-vendor multi-continent engagement that Boeing pulled off as seamlessly as possible. 

One of the most interesting aspects is the design, development, and procurement of major parts from outside of US. Is the Wal-Mart model going to be a trend in heavy duty airline manufacturing industry in this country? Check this link out: 787 Dreamliner Development Team.

We are often paralyzed by different legalities, regulations, and national security issues when it comes to hi-tech design sharing and development with international vendors. However, if Boeing sets an example with the Dreamliner, may be other heavy duty hi-tech companies (Lockheed, Raytheon, etc. – may be they already do – I have not done enough research on that side yet) will follow suit. What will be the implications? Will there be a rigorous international standardization to support such developments? What are the opportunities with the continued product launches? Will Boeing still have a competitive advantage over the long run? May be the depth of capital investments will dictate the abilities to design innovative products and keep the competitive advantage on this side.

This entire article can be a case study. Another exciting knowledge gathered is the way global investment, requirements, and cost feasibility is making old behemoths change their business model. The old ideologies are being replaced by fresh, new outlooks.

Read the [article]. 


2 Responses to “Innovation at Boeing – Dreamliner”

  1. peter said

    here’s a great video interview with the CEO of the design company that worked with boeing:


  2. Of course Lockheed-Martin shares development with it’s international partners. Not on top-secret military stuff, but on civilian projects.

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