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Face Recognition in everyday use digital cameras – and more

Posted by evolvingwheel on July 14, 2007

During the early part of 2007, several affordable digital cameras from major manufacturers came out with face detection capability. Canon’s Face Detection Technology and Fuji’s Image Intelligence technology are the two most visible technologies in that paradigm. The basic technology behind the concept is an advanced algorithm that parses the scene on the LCD to detect a human face based on features like eyes, separation between eyes, nose, lips, etc. The algorithm operates on vector based calculations across the edges. The process detects rectangular areas on the scene and can measure as much as 10 such faces in area. These cameras have special chips that continuously scan attributes across the scene and detect and adjust according to the movements of such faces. I could find one such good algorithm on the web too.

I believe that this technology is just the beginning of a more powerful utility in the coming years. Face detection will eventually give way to face identification. Newer and efficient algorithms will be able to highlight and memorize patterns on the scene and tag memos to those faces. Example – I can take a picture and tag one of the faces as my daughter or wife. With time, as more pictures of those individuals get added and the same tags get attached, an artificial intelligent algorithm will be able to evolve and detect a spectrum of pattern of the same human being. This information will help to direct the camera’s lens intelligently to a person chosen by the user.

Google knows about this and thus trying to create several applications that will be able to search through pictures across the web with attributes attached to them. It will be a whole new world of facial identification on the fly. The next phase will be detecting mobile human characters in video cameras and processing that information for intelligent decision making. A burglar trying to cross the fence – an activity that will be identified by a camera as an inappropriate action!

A new world of picture and video search ahead 🙂

Picture: Courtesy Fuji Film


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