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Controlled diet for better infectious disease management

Posted by evolvingwheel on August 30, 2007

Val Smith from the University of Kansas argues that better control of infectious disease in the future may not depend on better and stronger antibiotics but on the availability of nutrients to the infected body. His research is directed toward understanding how the controlled supply or cut-off of specific nutrients to animal bodies infected with different pathogens affects the life-cycle of the disease. Does it aggravates the condition or stops the progression? Most of his researches are being operated on mice with strains of pathogens similar to the ones that produce infectious diseases in humans. His team observed that by controlling carbohydrates, proteins, and specifically irons, to the mice, the disease symptoms got enhanced or mitigated. The idea is to kill the pathogen or slow its progression by depriving it of its basic requirements.

If this research goes further with some really promising results, then it could lead to a whole new dimension of disease control with diets along with prescribed drugs. It may just lead to another area of treatment with diet pills and supplements designed to regulate flow of minerals and nutrients according to the pathogen its going against. The innovation can come from diet supplement industry or from the conventional pharmaceutical industry spreading its arms across to the diet pill domains. It will definitely be a paradigm shift along the thin line separating non-FDA approved supplement industry and stringent Rx market.

More importantly will come the hands of regulatory bodies and governments into play. I may be thinking it out way too far, but with the continual perseverance for mobilizing business models that cross domains of knowledge and applications, nothing anymore looks impossible.

[Read Article Here]


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