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Smart robots to help humans

Posted by evolvingwheel on September 12, 2007

Consider this – your grandfather, 80+, lives alone. He gets up in the early morning for his first dose of pills. However, his frail knees prevent him from getting off the bed right away and walk to the bathroom cabinet… he has forgotten to keep the pills by bedside last night. How does he get help? Well, he has a smart robot called Zen at home. As he calls Zen and asks it to get the pills, Zen follows the command, rolls to the bathroom, opens the cabinet, grabs the right bottle, and brings it back to your grandfather.

Intelligent robots are being designed that will soon find their way to our homes. If not in the immediate future, definitely in the distant future, and if I am luckily wrong, then may be within next 5-10 years. Researchers in Japan, which is considered the powerhouse of industrial robots, are vehemently trying to bring such smart robots that would be able to perform several daily chores in absence of human labor. Scientists are eying the possibility of helping a growing elderly population with these smart robots. You may read the full [article here].

As I was mentioning before in my Boeing Dreamliner post, there are all different kinds of sensors being manufactured that are capable of providing realtime knowledge of our surrounding environment – from ambient light intensity to odor and from heat to vibration. Smart algorithms coupled with these sensors in robots can make these objects more intelligent. They could be reactive decision makers on the basis of the surroundings and the requirement logic. These robots will then find their way not only as workers for doing daily household activities but also for commercial purposes. 


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