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Polluting the body by driving too long – How do we curb UFP emission?

Posted by evolvingwheel on November 1, 2007

You get behind the wheel in the morning, turn the FM on, pull the windows up, and put the air to RECYCLE – and you believe that you have warded off traffic pollution! NO – you just haven’t!! New environmental studies reveal the extent of pollution that our body gets exposed to while commuting in our cars. The findings are further scary when we are sitting inside a mass transit vehicle that runs on diesel. traffic_nyc.jpg

While we commute 6% of our daily time, it accounts for more than 60% of our exposure to polluted air. Diesel fumes and ultra fine particles (UFP) are the major culprits. The danger with UFP lies in the fact that they can penetrate cell walls and can diffuse throughout the system much faster than large sized pollutants. These exposures have been found to increase our susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases, breathing problems, and other chronic respiratory problems. Read the article [here].

A big concern will be the pollution exposures in communities of the developing world where lack of regulation and enforcement, corruption, and ignorance harm the population to a level that also goes undetected. Emerging economies should consider this problem more seriously. Regardless of nations, curbing of polluting sources should be addressed by technological and scientific innovations, awareness, proper governance, and diligent and uncorrupted enforcement.

I am attaching another article that may of interest. no_escape_from_diesel_exhaust_summary.pdf


2 Responses to “Polluting the body by driving too long – How do we curb UFP emission?”

  1. Interesting post… really gives another perspective to the entire thought process on this subject.
    Helping laymen become technology enthusiast at http://technofriends.wordpress.com

  2. Thank you Vaibhav. Hope you find other articles interesting too. Please feel free to submit any innovative ideas that you may see worth discussing. Collaboratively we can make this a better place to live and let live! -:) Adios.

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