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Closing Note for 2007 – Looking at 2008 for HOPE and HAPPINESS

Posted by evolvingwheel on December 30, 2007

Well, 2007 is finally coming to an end… 48 more hours to reach the end of one phase of a beginning. A beginning of a blog that started in Jan. As I have pursued different avenues to enlighten myself with the innovations that have showed the potential of changing our lives in some significant form over the next years, decades, or ages, I did find the journey an eternal source of learning. The most fascinating part has been coming across the most intuitive ideas I could have never imagined. It just baffles me to think what big dreamers we are. Over the past 100 years of most fascinating scientific discoveries and inventions, we have learnt a lot. But often what we have failed to highlight on is how to engage everyone in making the history look more enriching than what it shows today. Inclusion is the key to the real success of the innovations in our lives!

Here are some snapshots from all the posts over the last year.

pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.gif pic5.jpg pic6.jpg pic7.jpg pic9.jpg

pic10.jpg pic11.jpg pic12.jpg pic13.jpg pic14.jpg pic15.jpg pic16.jpg pic17.jpg

pic18.jpg pic19.jpg pic20.jpg v2g_car.jpg dnastructure.jpg traffic_nyc.jpg marine.jpg innerspace2.jpg



2 Responses to “Closing Note for 2007 – Looking at 2008 for HOPE and HAPPINESS”

  1. santhisagar said

    I had been an avid reader of your blog for more than a couple of months now; it has been interesting and at the same time educational. Wishing you success in continuing this blog in the coming year too.
    Happy New Year.


  2. Thanks a lot Sagar for your encouragement and good words. I eagerly look forward to digging through both conventional and unconventional sources of news related to innovations. I would also request you to bring any interesting article to my attention so that we can talk about ways to mature our mutual understanding.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog.


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