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Industry paying heed to Bisphenol concern – my earlier post saw the trend

Posted by evolvingwheel on April 18, 2008

The news article just showed up in MSNBC. Hard-plastic Nalgene water bottles made with bisphenol A will be pulled from stores over the next few months because of growing consumer concern over whether the chemical poses a health risk. Nalgene has responded to a growing concern among consumers about the negative health effects from using Bisphenol water bottles. I feel good about bringing this item to my blog earlier and feel somewhat good about the traction the subject is gathering among manufacturers. In fact, I myself took the decision of using Bisphenol free milk bottles for my daughter couple of months back. You may read my earlier article here https://innovech.wordpress.com/2008/03/01/strike-against-bisphenol-consumer-awareness-dictates-product-shift-despite-regulatory-indifference/

Now I would like to keep any eye on the Bisphenol production-to-market value chain and it’s pressure on the regulating agencies. Will they go that extra mile to make agencies diffuse the concern or will the market adjust by itself over time and respect the opinions of educated consumers? Besides, this is an unique case where industry has taken a step ahead of any FDA announcements!


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