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Looking Beyond The Horizon has been created with a purpose in mind. The blog germinated from the aspiration of developing a knowledgebase of different innovative technologies, scientific inventions, business processes, and serendipitous findings that could be used in elevating human lifestyle and alleviating problems of this planet.

My primary goal is to share perspectives. Thousands of discoveries and inventions never see the daylight outside the laboratory. So many breakthroughs fail to commercialize and realize in the practical world due to lack of foresight. The biggest challenge is to bring that innovation to the people who need them most. My interest is little skewed towards social innovation. I would like to use this blog as my platform to identify resources that have the potential to change our lives significantly. Core scientific research and fundamental inventions are the key drivers for a new horizon in our lives.

The posts are not intended to cater to any specific stream of science or business but rather to generate ideas and thoughts not limited to the source itself.

The postings on this site are my own and do not represent the positions, strategies or opinions of my current employer.

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Picture: Chicago Skyline (with Hancock Center in the middle) taken on a cloudy Sept 2006 evening from Lake Michigan.


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