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More applications for ‘smart’ sunglasses

Posted by evolvingwheel on October 23, 2007

The ‘Informance’ sunglass displays a stopwatch and heartrate on one edge – the athlete adjuts his breathing rate and speed while he closes in for his last one mile stretch. On the left edge of the glass screen, the runner could read scrolling temperature and steps/minute. All these is made available by a thin wedge-shaped prism is built into the left edge of the lens.

Rodenstock, a German lens manufacturer, has developed these sunglasses with an estimated steep price tag for it’s tentative commercial release in 2009. We have head-up displays for defence. Fighter pilots have head-mounted display mounted on their view finder/glass in their helmets. But embedding these display capabilities make the equipment very heavy and are not feasible for a light sunglass that often stands as a signature of fashion. Rodenstock has brought an innovation that makes the lens much lighter. For details, read [here].

What makes this thing cool is the wireless link that connects the glass with a digital clock reading pulse beats, body temperature, and ambient humidity. I believe that this innovation could be further stretched by blending the display unit into the lens – to maintain the look and feel of a cool shade. Some of cool applications could be:

  1. Connect wireless devices with the glass – a flashing ringer that will alert you of an incoming call.
  2. Show time/stopwatch/lap time fed from a wireless transmitter in the viscinity – a stadium.
  3. Show heartbeat and other physical attributes being transmitted by receptors attached to the body.

—————— while doing the research ————————————————————

Guys: While doing the research for this article, I came across a product with the ability of watching video from iPod on a glass mountable video display – totally portable! You may check it out.



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