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A tribute to Mr. Hans Rosling – Thanks for enabling the war on poverty better

Posted by evolvingwheel on December 16, 2007

I spent sometime learning what Mr. Hans Rosling is up-to, and that’s too for last 30 years. This incredible human being has collected the numbers of different indexes of poverty, education, income, export, import, healthcare, mortality, and what not. And he has come up with a dynamic representation of a perplexing view of changing time-line of economic/wealth growth of different countries in an application called Trend-alyzer, recently bought by Google. Discover Magazine recently covered him. Find the link [here] with an interview with Rosling. hans_rosling.jpg

Rosling created an animation of all the eco-social data points translating decades of development of individual countries into a time series. But it is more than that. As I watched his video, what struck me is the detail of the message embedded in an evolving path. All the data will now be available for free and social enterprises, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and other parties can use them to develop economic policies, social instruments, and technological devices to appropriately address different pressing issues across the world. I believe that this will greatly benefit the understanding of the intricacies of an emerging world. In fact, one other aspect of this development is the possibility of crafting efficient flow of capital and resources through FDI (foreign direct investment) or philanthropy.

I visited Rosling’s blog and I would highly recommend you to visit too. A good collection of different discussions, literature, and Rosling’s innovative ideas to address global poverty and healthcare. The first thing that came across my mind is how we could use his data points and develop efficient and innovative ideas to bring sophisticated services and technologies where they are most needed. How could this data help us to device cost effectiveness of any proposed solution in those parts of the world where help is critically needed. Whatever way we proceed, his numbers will give us a live gauge of the pulse of these regions in a more vivid manner. THANK YOU Mr. Rosling.


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Metamaterial refracts light the other way – Fundamental research in optics

Posted by evolvingwheel on October 15, 2007

A research group from Princeton has developed a metamaterial from the semiconductors in a computer chip that is capable of refracting light in the opposite direction from the conventional materials. This breakthrough has been achieved by arranging the semiconductor materials in an alternate pattern in a 3-dimensional format. Earlier, metamaterials were being created in a 2-dimensional format. However, this 3-dimensional arrangement has been able to create the novel property of bending light in the negative direction. The research detail can be found [here].

The research is part of a multi-institutional research center called Mid-Infrared Technologies for Health and the Environment (MIRTHE). MIRTHE is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center headquartered at Princeton University, with partners City College New York, Johns Hopkins University, Rice, Texas A&M, and the University of Maryland Baltimore County.


The negative refraction achieved in the metamaterial will be able to create microscopes with many fold higher magnification than the conventional ones. The negative refraction property used in flat lenses could compensate the optical aberration created by curved lenses. Furthermore, this research can open the doorway for minuscule particle detection systems using IR light source and sophisticated sensors.

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