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Miniature projector coming to make large display ubiquitous – MEMS mirror to help

Posted by evolvingwheel on January 13, 2008

I was surfing through some CES 2008 news this weekend with an eye for some new, upcoming technologies that could change the ways we behave. And, I came across this new pocket sized device, a mini laser powered projector that can display pictures and videos to a size of 100 inches on a wall! It is again the MEMS (microelectromechanical system) tool (a scanning mirror on a silicon chip) that is enabling this innovation. The product is Microvision’s PICO SHOW Projector. For the CES report in Popular Science, read [here]. For Microvision’s product detail, click [here]. accessory_big.jpg

First, thinking about the applications that could derive from this innovation. Microvision has enlisted several display opportunities of their application. But the possibilities could go way beyond that. The whole benefit of getting away from bulky lenses, heat, weight, and cost pays for the invention by itself. However, consider what this development can enable in the mobile device market. First of all, the reality of laser powered projection systems is like a dream coming true. What Microvision did (or doing) is taking the ‘sharpening of the technology’ opensource, well partial opensource at least. They are working with mobile device companies to integrate their tool into the OEM’s interface. Now, what this leads to is collective investment, R&D, and marketing support of PICO’s rapid commercialization and acceptance in the market. I kind of love this method – create a new technology and empower it on other accepted platform with devices from partner businesses powering your own growth.

Next comes MEMS. Again, I am slowly turning into a MEMS’ fanatic and in next 5 years would possibly end up opening a whole cult group for this :). I am pasting here one line from Microvision’s site about the advantage of MEMS in new age – ‘Inherent advantages of MEMS devices are high reliability, low power operation, small size, low cost to manufacture, and high scalability to volume production. If you read the method of projection delivery using these MEMS scanning mirrors, you will really feel the power of these miniature systems… http://www.microvision.com/technology/mems.html. Micro electro-mechanical systems amaze me with their reliability in such small sizes. Further, the scalability and volume integration do not compound the energy requirements like we observe in conventional electrical or mechanical objects!


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