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Nano-clothing – Could this be a commercially viable choice anytime soon?

Posted by evolvingwheel on October 10, 2007

Popular Science posted an article about a nanoparticle coated jacket that wards off viruses. Researchers from Cornell have sprinkled the upper cotton layer with silver nanoparticles that deflect bacteria and viruses. Further, palladium nanoparticles sprayed on the neck and upper parts of the jacket acts to breakdown pollutants. This functional clothing does a little bit more than just making one look cool. Read the [article] here.

In the latest trend in nanotextiles, nano-metallic particles are sprayed on the fabric to perform numerous tasks – keeping bigger dirt particles and bad stains off. However, there are some difficulties in creating such cool dresses. A considerable degree of precision is required in spraying nanoparticles evenly across the whole length of the fabric. It is extremely difficult to maintain such a level of accuracy in such a small scale of length. On the other hand, the silver and gold particles are not cost effective for mass production and cheap commercial acceptance. Some of the business aspects that should be considered to make this innovation a household word are:

  1. Commercial entry of high-end devices those are capable of mass-producing nano material layers fast and cheap.
  2. Investing effectively in R&D for finding nanoparticles that are more cost effective than metals like gold and silver.
  3. Create awareness in the community about the strength and efficacy of nanosprayed clothing in defeating daily infections.
  4. Consider the negative effect of nano particles when infused into the eco-system – by disposal, factory run-off, and/or recycling.


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Have you heard of Zyvex?

Posted by evolvingwheel on February 21, 2007

Let’s say we are in a time machine and I am able to go back 10 years and had the opportunity to invest on VOIP technology. Today, I would be sitting (like few others) on a gold mine. Now again I am sitting on a forward moving time machine and I see Zyvex. Well, is it so dramatic? Not sure. Just came across this company while browsing for nanotech assembly plants on the web.

Considering the dynamic of the nano-component and nano-material industry, the necessity of a massive parallel assembly infrastructure providing a high precision but fast implementation platform is imperative. As new patents, technologies, and scientific methods spew out from university labs and research institutions, a successful entry to the market and eventual infusion to the consumer’s lifestyle will require mass scale production. Now the capital investment for manufacturing such micro and nano level components is enormous. In a fast paced and an extremely short time-to-market, time is the essence. Outsourcing the manufacturing aspect to a highly sophisticated, reliable, and dependent partner will be a critical consideration.

[Go to Zyvex]

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