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What a game – Brazil 0 Portugal 2 (off-track)

Posted by evolvingwheel on February 7, 2007

Watched the international friendly on Fox Sports – Brazil versus Portugal. What a game. The speed of the entire 90 minutes duration was enthralling. It was a night game. The lush green field with yellow-green (BRA) and red (POR) jerseys appeared like a paradise. Well.. that what matters to me 🙂

The game was right on the spot from minute 1. However, it seemed that Scolari did a great job in bringing strategic planning into tactical moves. The Portugal team showed both talent (Ronaldo, Deco) and team game in the midfield and above the half line. I loved watching them all through the game.

My favorite has always been Brazil. However, the team lacked the Samba touch yesterday. This is Dunga’s first international exposure as the national team coach. Ronaldindo and Robinho were not present. Kaka seemed a little off though. This team didn’t show the individual talent that I am habituated seeing. I guess they need a bit more work. However, some of the touch plays in both the halves showed what we mean by Brazilian soccer.

Hey, by the way, Diego is a newbie! And he looked great in the field. His ball control was amazing too.. that’s a talented individual. I will keep on watching him more closely.

(ADRIAN DENNIS/Getty Images)


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