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Visual Medication Schedule – a noteworthy innovation in drug delivery

Posted by evolvingwheel on September 28, 2007

In healthcare business, innovation should come not only in drug development but also in the process of drug delivery. We often find that prescribed medications fail to penetrate the daily schedule of vulnerable patients and increase the risk of affliction and further damage – both physically and economically. Disease intervention is enhanced when drugs are taken regularly as prescribed. Often old, illiterate, or foreign speaking patients miss their schedule due to the complicated nature of the prescription texts. A research team from UCSF approached the problem and came up with a visual medication schedule (VMS) with translations in native language. Result: Treatment response status increased twice as fast. You may read the article [here]. pharmacy.jpg

Some of the benefits of VMS could be realized in the following areas:

  1. In immigrant communities VMS drug prescriptions can be used to improve the intake and understanding
  2. In developing societies challenged by illiteracy and lack of communication between the patient and physician/clinician, VMS can help the patient to understand the prescription better – can increase adherence
  3. Online prescription industry can benefit by VMS, where there is a lack of communication between the patient and the interface

Better adherence and understanding of the treatment schedule by the patient will help to prevent recurrence of debilitating conditions and any sudden attack. This will save insurance companies money by preventing the patient from going back to the physician or emergency care even after a correct diagnosis earlier. 

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